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This affordable daily devotional walks readers through the peace that comes from knowing God in a simple and accessible format. Each entry focuses on ways God offers peace and how to let go of stress and let God guide you.

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Do you have someone you long to reach with the gospel but the current ways don’t seem to work? Do you worry the church is not reaching the current generation. In Living the Story you will meet six fictional people who use a new language to reach eight people who are like your friends and family. Learn how you can use this new language of story to tell the story in a new/old way.

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This comprehensive look at 118 New Testament parables will help you develop an ear for the message they convey—that the Kingdom of God is both here and near. And one glorious day the Ultimate Parable, Jesus the Christ, will return and takes His throne. Until that time, we are the keepers of the Kingdom, and as subjects of this nation we must live in such a way as to please the King. The parables tell us how to live as Kingdom people.

Trying to determine what direction to take in life is not always easy. As Christians, we pray and read scripture, seeking God’s guidance for the choices we make. But sometimes, trying to guess God’s will can feel a little bit like being a game show contestant—hoping we’ve picked the right showcase door.With so many to choose from, discerning which door of opportunity is the best can be difficult.Is there a way to really know which door to choose? Author Cheri Cowell believes that God offers us many doors to choose from as we transition through life. And she understands how confusing it can be to decide which door is best. She explains that the key to making confident decisions is to avoid trying to guess God’s ’will’ and focus instead on discerning God’s ’way’. In Direction, Cowell presents six questions to ask when it comes to decision-making. She examines each question and shares examples of how others—from Bible times to present day—used these questions to find God’s way in the story of their lives. Through observation and exploration, Cowell shows how determining your own answers to these important questions will guide you in the discernment process. From career options to medical decisions to relationship questions, you’ll learn how to know for sure what door to choose.Direction includes reflection questions for individual or group study. It will provide you with the wisdom to make confident decisions,the understanding to enrich your prayer life,the eagerness to know God better, and the willingness to take more risks in life’s most important decisions.

See For Yourself what God has to say about every day life. Culled from Cheri’s daily devotions written over five years, this “best of” collection offers five weekly devotions for 52 weeks of the year. The PDF is perfect for downloading to you computer or for printing, and the ebook format allows for links to the scriptures and can be read on your e-reader or on your computer.

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